Jerusalem Productions funds television programmes which are broadcast on mainstream channels which have a significant audience in the UK and potential for overseas sales. Directors look for programmes which demonstrate a “living Christian faith” and are accessible to their target audience. Directors are particularly keen to support programmes that will be broadcast outside designated religious slots and which will appeal to those who may have an unfocused faith or no faith at all and not just to practising Christians. Jerusalem Productions favours programmes which would not be made, or would be made but at lower quality, without its funding.

The funding is usually an investment, with the Board acquiring rights.

The Board occasionally considers requests for development funding and as security against its investment the Board take a charge over the copyright in the project, which is automatically redeemed when the investment is repaid along with a 50% premium.

The first step in any application is contacting the administrators to talk through the idea and how it could fit within Jerusalem Productions’ criteria.  Please contact the administrators if you have an outline and want to discuss it further.