For Christmas 2015, Jerusalem Productions commissioned a festive Twitter campaign – @JesusTweetsYou – a humorous feed as if Jesus were responding to various topical seasonal themes; notably the John Lewis advert and the Lord’s Prayer cinema advert controversy.

Using puns aplenty and creating six comedy videos, the feed gained 5,400 followers over its 68-day lifespan, with 2 million impressions and over 10,000 views of the six videos, which can be viewed by clicking here. The campaign was designed and delivered by That Lot.

The Nativity Factor

The Nativity Factor ran for five years up until 2015. The project aimed to remind everyone that Christmas is a holiday when Christians mark the birth of Jesus Christ. Using nativity factorthe power of online video to deliver the true meaning of Christmas, the Nativity Factor asked budding filmmakers to create their version of the Nativity story. There is more information on the Nativity Factor website

The 2015 winners:

Click here to view past entries available on the Nativity Factor YouTube channel.

Christmas Starts with Christ

In 2014, Jerusalem Productions once again helped to fund the ChurchAds’ “Christmas Starts with Christ” campaign which uses radio, posters and online media to reinforce the Christmas message. CSWC JumperThe campaign for Christmas 2014 included posters which asked a series of questions about the trivial things that people commonly associate with Christmas time and reminding us of its true meaning.


Beatbox Bible

This project produced a series of videos based on the hip-hop Gospel of Luke, written and performed by beatboxer Rev. Gavin Tyte and friends. The videos are in the style of the Beat Box Nativity which was a winner of the Nativity Factor 2011. The Beatbox Gospel of Luke communicates the bible in a new and innovative way and will make an excellent resource for schools, youth clubs, churches and prisons. For more information and to watch the videos, please go to:

Watch the winner Nativity Factor 2011 entry below:

Christmas Starts with Christ

Jerusalem Productions has supported the ChurchAds’ (previously the Churches’ Advertising Network) Christmas campaign for over 10 years. ChurchAds produces radio commercials and posters and churches Churchadsare encouraged to purchase airtime and advertising space to broadcast and display them.

Past campaigns can be found here. 

In 2010, it was estimated that around 30 million people had the opportunity to see the poster or hear the radio advertisements. Posters were displayed on over 1,400 sites across the UK and the radio commercials were played on 175 stations.

Roll on Christmas

In 2011, Jerusalem Productions supported Roll on Christmas, an interactive Nativity play on Facebook,  created by Ship of Fools. The game allowed users to cast their Facebook friends as characters from the Nativity story, be it shepherd, wise man, angel or innkeeper. This exciting project used social networking to share a simple reminder of the story of Christmas.


Paperless Christmas

Paperless Christmas was produced in association with the Bible Reading Fellowship to make the Christmas stories accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Launched in 2009, it comprises nine short videos which are free to download and tell the Christmas story in a thought-provoking and entertaining way.

See the full project at

Watch the first episode below:


The ITN Christmas Channel was established in 2009 and comprised a YouTube Christmas channel and an iPhone app. The site received over 1 million views over the Christmas period and brought together films on all sorts of Christmas related subjects. Films available include news clips, showbiz, music, advice, interviews and comedy clips as well as films about the meaning of Christmas.

The Ark

The Ark was the world’s first internet reality ‘show’ and was created in 2003 by Ship of Fools. It featured twelve biblical heroes, controlled by twelve contestants in their own homes, battling it out to stay on board a 3D interactive version of Noah’s Ark for 40 days and 40 nights. The project worked as a nightly live “webcast” in which all the contestants were online and moving around inside the Ark. Outside these hours, the audience could view clips, discuss issues and chat in a live chatroom as well as reading about the original 12 biblical characters, including Bible extracts.

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