King James Bible – When God Spoke English

Filmed to coincide with the 400th Anniversary of the commission of the King James Bible, this documentary was shown on BBC 1 in February 2011. Co-produced with BBC Religion When God Spoke Englishand Ethics, the programme follows Adam Nicolson as he discovers how around fifty scholars from Cambridge, Oxford and London created this astonishing translation of the Bible into English, looking in particular at the seven years from the commissioning of the bible in 1604 to its printing in May and considering the technological, political and cultural circumstances which drove and shaped it.


On Angel Wings

This adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s beautiful nativity story, On Angel Wings, was broadcast on Christmas Day 2010 on Classic FM. Produced with Unique the Production Company and adapted by David Spicer, the programme was narrated by Michael Morpurgo and featured Imogen Stubbs and Jack Shepherd. It tells the story of a young shepherd boy who is left behind to guard the sheep after the Angel Gabriel’s visit. He bemoans the injustice of being left behind, Gabriel takes pity of him, and he becomes Christ’s first visitor.

Pic: Imogen Stubbs and Hugo Docking at the On Angel Wings recordings

Paperless Christmas

Paperless Christmas was produced in association with the Bible Reading Fellowship to make the Christmas stories accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Launched in 2009, it comprises nine short videos which are free to download and tell the Christmas story in a thought-provoking and entertaining way.

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The ITN Christmas Channel was established in 2009 and comprised a YouTube Christmas channel and an iPhone app. The site received over 1 million views over the Christmas period and brought together films on all sorts of Christmas related subjects. Films available include news clips, showbiz, music, advice, interviews and comedy clips as well as films about the meaning of Christmas.

The History of Christianity

A 6 hour-long programme broadcast on BBC4 and then transferred to BBC2 in the winter of 2009/10. The series is based on Professor Diarmaid MacCullough’s book on the History of Christianity. An ‘authored series’ it looks at Christianity across the world, as well as the development of the denominations within the West. The last programme looks at Christianity in the west in an increasingly secular world.

What the Deuce is Love?

An hour documentary on Andrea Jaeger as she looks back on her life as a tennis star, her faith, and her life now as Sister Andrea, working with disadvantaged children in Colorado. A co-production with Pilgrim Productions.

The Passion

A six-part drama commissioned from BBC Drama for BBC1 which was broadcast in Easter 2008. Written by Frank Deasy, who wrote the script for Bleak House, and set in the first century, it followed the story of Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Day. The series was shot in Morocco.

Amazing Grace

This was a one-hour programme commissioned for BBC1 in Holy Week 2007. The programme looked at the story of John Newton, the remarkable journey of Amazing Grace, and explores the concept of grace itself – being saved by God, without it being deserved, which connects it so strongly to the events of Easter. Rick Wakeman described Newton’s journey from slave trader to preacher, making use of the many locations that played a part in Newton’s life – including the ports he knew as a sailor; the vicarage in Olney where Amazing Grace was written, and the churches that played a part in his life. The programme shows how every word in the hymn relates to Newton’s life – an autobiography in six verses. A large part of the story of the hymn takes place in the USA, which has taken it as an unofficial anthem, sung at national events, by civil rights groups and at weddings and funerals.

God’s Chaplain

A one-hour documentary following Chuck Popov, a US Army Chaplain as he supports the troops based in Northern Iraq. A co-production with Tiger Aspect.

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