The History of Christianity

A 6 hour-long programme broadcast on BBC4 and then transferred to BBC2 in the winter of 2009/10. The series is based on Professor Diarmaid MacCullough’s book on the History of Christianity. An ‘authored series’ it looks at Christianity across the world, as well as the development of the denominations within the West. The last programme looks at Christianity in the west in an increasingly secular world.

The Passion

A six-part drama commissioned from BBC Drama for BBC1 which was broadcast in Easter 2008. Written by Frank Deasy, who wrote the script for Bleak House, and set in the first century, it followed the story of Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Day. The series was shot in Morocco.

Amazing Grace

This was a one-hour programme commissioned for BBC1 in Holy Week 2007. The programme looked at the story of John Newton, the remarkable journey of Amazing Grace, and explores the concept of grace itself – being saved by God, without it being deserved, which connects it so strongly to the events of Easter. Rick Wakeman described Newton’s journey from slave trader to preacher, making use of the many locations that played a part in Newton’s life – including the ports he knew as a sailor; the vicarage in Olney where Amazing Grace was written, and the churches that played a part in his life. The programme shows how every word in the hymn relates to Newton’s life – an autobiography in six verses. A large part of the story of the hymn takes place in the USA, which has taken it as an unofficial anthem, sung at national events, by civil rights groups and at weddings and funerals.

The Miracles of Jesus

Miracles_of_jesusThis three-part series looks at Jesus’ miracles and how these were interpreted during his life and by the 1st Century gospel writers. Presented by Rageh Omaar, the series includes drama and computer generated graphics and was broadcast on BBC 1.

The Monastery

Filmed at Worth Abbey in West Sussex, The Monastery followed a group of men as they spent 40 days and 40 nights living with monks for a three part series for BBC 2. The series monasteryfollowed the men on a spiritual journey in a Benedictine monastery to discover if the 1,500 year old monastic tradition had anything to offer, where they were expected to keep the rules with a strict timetable of instruction, study, prayer, reflection and routine work duties. Although from very different backgrounds, all five participants shared a desire to see if life holds any greater meaning. To accompany the programme, the Jerusalem Trust commissioned a resource sheet for use with young people in RE and PHSE lessons.

The Good Book

In 2003 Jerusalem Productions was involved in a six part series, The Good Book, which was broadcast on BBC Radio 2. The programmes were narrated by Sir Derek Jacobi, telling the story of man’s relationship with God as described in the Bible. Each programme looked at a key Biblical character and expert interviewees examined the meaning of the stories and the impact they still have on our modern life.

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