Beatbox Bible

This project produced a series of videos based on the hip-hop Gospel of Luke, written and performed by beatboxer Rev. Gavin Tyte and friends. The videos are in the style of the Beat Box Nativity which was a winner of the Nativity Factor 2011. The Beatbox Gospel of Luke communicates the bible in a new and innovative way and will make an excellent resource for schools, youth clubs, churches and prisons. For more information and to watch the videos, please go to:

Watch the winner Nativity Factor 2011 entry below:

King James Bible – When God Spoke English

Filmed to coincide with the 400th Anniversary of the commission of the King James Bible, this documentary was shown on BBC 1 in February 2011. Co-produced with BBC Religion When God Spoke Englishand Ethics, the programme follows Adam Nicolson as he discovers how around fifty scholars from Cambridge, Oxford and London created this astonishing translation of the Bible into English, looking in particular at the seven years from the commissioning of the bible in 1604 to its printing in May and considering the technological, political and cultural circumstances which drove and shaped it.


The Bible Revolution

Broadcast in 2007 on Channel 4, this documentary, presented by Rod Liddle, explores the hidden and often violent history of the English Bible. Featuring dramatic reconstruction, interviews with leading historians, and Bible readings by Kenneth Branagh, the film follows the English Bible’s transformation from banned text to cornerstone of our language and literature, through the dramatic lives and grisly ends of three religious revolutionaries: John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, and Thomas Cranmer.

The Ark

The Ark was the world’s first internet reality ‘show’ and was created in 2003 by Ship of Fools. It featured twelve biblical heroes, controlled by twelve contestants in their own homes, battling it out to stay on board a 3D interactive version of Noah’s Ark for 40 days and 40 nights. The project worked as a nightly live “webcast” in which all the contestants were online and moving around inside the Ark. Outside these hours, the audience could view clips, discuss issues and chat in a live chatroom as well as reading about the original 12 biblical characters, including Bible extracts.

The Good Book

In 2003 Jerusalem Productions was involved in a six part series, The Good Book, which was broadcast on BBC Radio 2. The programmes were narrated by Sir Derek Jacobi, telling the story of man’s relationship with God as described in the Bible. Each programme looked at a key Biblical character and expert interviewees examined the meaning of the stories and the impact they still have on our modern life.

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