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The Bible Revolution

Broadcast in 2007 on Channel 4, this documentary, presented by Rod Liddle, explores the hidden and often violent history of the English Bible. Featuring dramatic reconstruction, interviews with leading historians, and Bible readings by Kenneth Branagh, the film follows the English Bible’s transformation from banned text to cornerstone of our language and literature, through the dramatic lives and grisly ends of three religious revolutionaries: John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, and Thomas Cranmer.

Priest Idol

A three-part series for Channel 4 which follows the newly recruited priest, James, to the parish of Lundwood, where the regular congregation priestidoljust hits double figures. This involves encouraging the Parochial Church Council to look at new ways in involving the community, and taking on the services of a marketing company, who developed a ‘church lite’ campaign.


A single hour-long programme for Channel 4, presented by the Bishop of Durham, Tom Wright, and based on his book ‘The Resurrection of the Son of God’. This is based on the argument that the physical resurrectionresurrection of Jesus Christ is an historical fact, and the Bishop approaches the matter “as a historian” and comes to the conclusion that the physical resurrection of Jesus was by far the most likely explanation of the rise of Christianity. He says that the early Christians accepted the resurrection as fact and consequently came to faith.

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