Christmas Starts with Christ

In 2014, Jerusalem Productions once again helped to fund the ChurchAds’ “Christmas Starts with Christ” campaign which uses radio, posters and online media to reinforce the Christmas message. CSWC JumperThe campaign for Christmas 2014 included posters which asked a series of questions about the trivial things that people commonly associate with Christmas time and reminding us of its true meaning.


Christmas Starts with Christ

Jerusalem Productions has supported the ChurchAds’ (previously the Churches’ Advertising Network) Christmas campaign for over 10 years. ChurchAds produces radio commercials and posters and churches Churchadsare encouraged to purchase airtime and advertising space to broadcast and display them.

Past campaigns can be found here. 

In 2010, it was estimated that around 30 million people had the opportunity to see the poster or hear the radio advertisements. Posters were displayed on over 1,400 sites across the UK and the radio commercials were played on 175 stations.

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