In the Footsteps of Judas

Shown on BBC 1, Good Friday 2016, Reverend Kate Bottley re-opens the case against the Bible’s greatest villain, Judas Iscariot. In Jerusalem she visits the places associated with his betrayal and death and asks: can Judas be forgiven?

Available to watch on BBC iPlayer until 22 April 2016



The Mystery of Mary Magdalene

TudorBroadcast on BBC 1 to mark Good Friday in 2013, this documentary, presented by Melvyn Bragg, attempts to unravel the many questions surrounding one of the Bible’s most controversial and enigmatic figures, Mary Magdalene. The programme was co-produced with BBC Religion and Ethics – BBC Manchester.

In the Footsteps of St Paul


This study of St Paul was co-produced with CTVC and locates the disciple in his historical time and place, exploring what was involved in his mission and the challenges he faced from the Roman Empire. Presented by David Suchet and first aired on BBC 1.



CatholicWomen STILL9This three-part series was broadcast on BBC 1 in February 2012 and explored what it means to be a Roman Catholic in modern Britain. Produced by Wingspan Productions and directed by filmmaker Richard Alwyn the series was shortlisted for a Grierson Award.

Filmed over six months and with extraordinary access, the three films – one about men, one about women, one about children – offer an insight into different Catholic realities revealing Catholicism to be a rich but complex identity and observing how this identity shapes people’s lives.

Young Nuns

Young NunsThis documentary, co-produced by Twenty Twenty, and shown on BBC 1 in October 2011, follows two young women in their journeys to becoming nuns. Filmed over 6 months, this intimate documentary gives a unique insight into a rarely seen world, challenging stereotypes and exploring what convent life can still offer modern women.

King James Bible – When God Spoke English

Filmed to coincide with the 400th Anniversary of the commission of the King James Bible, this documentary was shown on BBC 1 in February 2011. Co-produced with BBC Religion When God Spoke Englishand Ethics, the programme follows Adam Nicolson as he discovers how around fifty scholars from Cambridge, Oxford and London created this astonishing translation of the Bible into English, looking in particular at the seven years from the commissioning of the bible in 1604 to its printing in May and considering the technological, political and cultural circumstances which drove and shaped it.


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