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On Angel Wings

Shown on BBC 1 on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2014 and 2015 , On Angel Wings is a spectacular family animation based on Michael Morpurgo’s picture book. Featuring the voices of Michael Gambon, Juliet Stevenson and Dominic Cooper, this half-hour special captures the Christmas story from the viewpoint of an adventurous young shepherd boy who is taken on a secret, enchanted night-flight to witness the Christmas miracle. The production was financed by Jerusalem Productions, Illuminated Films and Kaleidoscope Film Distribution. Iain Harvey (The Snowman, Father Christmas, Little Princess) was Producer, with Michael Morpurgo as Executive Producer.

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On Angel Wings

This adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s beautiful nativity story, On Angel Wings, was broadcast on Christmas Day 2010 on Classic FM. Produced with Unique the Production Company and adapted by David Spicer, the programme was narrated by Michael Morpurgo and featured Imogen Stubbs and Jack Shepherd. It tells the story of a young shepherd boy who is left behind to guard the sheep after the Angel Gabriel’s visit. He bemoans the injustice of being left behind, Gabriel takes pity of him, and he becomes Christ’s first visitor.

Pic: Imogen Stubbs and Hugo Docking at the On Angel Wings recordings

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