Ship of Fools

Roll on Christmas

In 2011, Jerusalem Productions supported Roll on Christmas, an interactive Nativity play on Facebook,  created by Ship of Fools. The game allowed users to cast their Facebook friends as characters from the Nativity story, be it shepherd, wise man, angel or innkeeper. This exciting project used social networking to share a simple reminder of the story of Christmas.


The Ark

The Ark was the world’s first internet reality ‘show’ and was created in 2003 by Ship of Fools. It featured twelve biblical heroes, controlled by twelve contestants in their own homes, battling it out to stay on board a 3D interactive version of Noah’s Ark for 40 days and 40 nights. The project worked as a nightly live “webcast” in which all the contestants were online and moving around inside the Ark. Outside these hours, the audience could view clips, discuss issues and chat in a live chatroom as well as reading about the original 12 biblical characters, including Bible extracts.

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